Beginning in March, and continuing through most of May, our Building Faith team engaged in a rigorous selection process for our General Contractor. A list of over a dozen prospective companies were researched and discussed. Many from this initial list were contacted to determine whether or not they would qualify to participate in a formal proposal process. We whittled the list down to four very solid companies who were sent a thorough Request for Proposal (RFP). This provided us with excellent information to further evaluate the candidates. References were then contacted, and the final step involved in-person interviews with three of the four finalists.

After all of these steps, our team members were convinced that Batson-Cook was the best fit for our church and our project. Before making the final decision, however, the team took a road trip to Columbus, GA on 5/19 where Batson-Cook is in the final stages of a church building project that has some similar design features to ours. This job site meeting confirmed our decision, and we formally notified Batson-Cook on 5/21 that they would be our GC partner.

Batson-Cook is a large, Georgia-based company that has been in business for over 100 years. They have a Specialty Division that devotes unique resources to church construction projects. Our engagement with the Batson-Cook team will ramp up immediately as they will assist us with the final phases of the design process.

This is an important milestone in our project, and it is also another example of the Lord’s faithfulness in leading us to this point. Please continue to pray for your Building Faith team as we begin working with our newest partners at Batson-Cook!


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