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Hosted by Richard Goff and featuring Dr. Shane Koehler, Teaching Pastor at Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA, Building Faith captures weekly, content-rich discussions about key biblical and theological matters that challenge believers to think clearly about God’s Word and its application to daily life.

Current Series:  Racial Tension

Episode 29:  Racial Tension, Part 6 (What should we do?)

Over the last 5 episodes in this series, we have sought to identify some key questions that we believe are crucial for us to ask and answer if we are going to think and respond biblically to the very real problem of racial tension. In this 6th and final episode in the series, Dr. Shane Koehler will help us address the challenging, yet crucial question that every individual believer and every church must face… What should we do?

Episode 28:  Racial Tension, Part 5 (Who are YOU?)

One of the most prominent and destructive features of the current cultural moment is the elevation of collective ethnic identity to such an exaggerated degree that our society has become dangerously splintered. Sadly, this trend has intensified among professing Christians as well. In this 5th episode of our series on Racial Tension, we will discuss the fundamental issue of identity from a biblical perspective as we look to God’s Word to answer the question, “Who are YOU?”

Episode 27:  Racial Tension, Part 4 (Who’s to blame?)

Genesis 3 teaches us that, in a fallen world, everyone in society bears some responsibility and pays some price for society’s ills, and that includes racial injustice. But simply stating the general principle that there is plenty of blame to go around doesn’t sufficiently answer the basic question, “Who’s to blame?” In this 4th episode of our series on Racial Tension, we will try to answer this question from a clear and comprehensively biblical perspective.

Episode 26:  Racial Tension, Part 3 (Where is this going?)

In a recent TV interview, Greater New York Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome warned, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” A quote like this may seem unnecessarily provocative, but it warrants some thoughtful analysis. What do they want, specifically? What does “this system” include? And, if the system has to be burned down and replaced, what will it be replaced with? In other words where is all of this going? In part 3 of our series on Racial Tension, we will try to bring biblical clarity to these questions and provide some direction for how we, as Christians, ought to respond.

Episode 25:  Racial Tension, Part 2 (What do you mean?)

In the classic fairytale comedy, The Princess Bride, one of the characters, Vizzini, keeps exclaiming the word, “Inconceivable!”, when something happens that he was sure could never happen. After a few of these exclamations, the beloved character, Inigo Montoya, simply says, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” In part 2 of our series on Racial Tension, we will see that there are several terms that are often repeated by pundits, politicians, professors and protestors that do not mean what you might think they mean.

Episode 24:  Racial Tension, Part 1 (Where is the hope?)

It is clearly a distressing time in the life of our country. So, how should the church, corporately, and believers, individually, respond during this period of social unrest and profound racial discord? And, in the midst of all the noise and confusion swirling around these complex issues, where is the hope? In this first episode of a new series on Racial Tension, we will begin to answer these and other important questions.


Episode 18:  Pandemic & Profound Love

What is, or should be distinctive about Christians as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic? In this special episode, Pandemic & Profound Love, we explore some of the most devastating pandemics in history and we highlight how Christians in past eras distinguished themselves by serving and sacrificing for others in profound ways.

Episode 19:  Pandemic & Profound Confidence

Uncertainty, fear, anxiety. These terms might be too mild to describe what many people are experiencing right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Many concerns are mounting, not the least of which are vast concerns about the financial hardships people are, or will likely experience as a result of this unprecedented crisis. In this episode, Richard and Shane turn their attention to these concerns in what is, hopefully, a very helpful discussion about how Christians can avoid the grip of anxiety and persevere through this season of testing with a profound confidence in God. 

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